1654802521116. It started.

Hello everyone!

So here it is. The first (and hopefully not last) post of my public blog. So I would like to start with a small introduction what this will be about.

It will be about various interesting and less interesting and totally not interesting things, that I encounter during my journey as a software engineer. As a person on this world. As an author, writer and designer. Because software engineers are not monkeys that are nonsensically typing something into keyboard and produce something in the end.

They are authors, because they create new features and applications - to make the future world.
They are writers, because they write and structurize their code - to make it sense.
They are designers, because they are designing the whole logic and code structure, which is also behind your favorite social media application.

Because software engineering is not about writing code. It’s about writing efficient code. Clean code. SOLID code.

Many of you might be confused, what does the number represents in the title of this post. 1654802521116. I hope you have not wasted your time googling it, because you will find nothing about it. I will give you a small hint: it’s a number thats different every millisecond.

I guess we also have here some other engineers reading this so shhh! I know that was not a hint but almost an actual answer, for those of you ;). But to be fair to the others, let’s talk about what it actually is.

It represents amount of milliseconds passed from January 1, 1970 UTC. That’s the date, considered as a start date for unix computers. Unix timestamp. If you convert the number in title, you will get the date and time June 9, 2022 19:22:01 UTC. That’s the date and time, when I started writing this post. The start date of this blog.

I would like to finish the first post by one of my favorite quotes when it comes to terms of software engineering. And of course, as many of you know me actually only by nickname ‘Drawethree’, nice to meet you, my name is Ján. Don’t worry, I am also a living entity, just like you, not just a nickname.

Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand.

Martin Fowler